Leave through the same door as the Wookies. In this room, push open the busted door and kill the Stormtrooper. Stay outside the door and reflect bolts at them to defeat them. Hop to the lower level, but don’t enter the refinery yet. A Stormtrooper is looking through binoculars sticking out of a little hatch. It’s fairly easy to bait out the charging attacks. Start hitting it with the anti-vehicle shots as often as possible and feel free to pepper it with the small blasters in between. The Bounty Hunters of the Haxion Brood make for some of the most formidable and dangerous boss encounters in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. The Wyyyschokk is a giant spider creature. Follow the slide down. Step on the white lights of the elevator to be taken up to the roof. If [Nix] is killed, it will respawn after about 24 hours. These separatist droid remains are in the arena of the Albino Wyyyyschokk mini-boss. There’s a white ledge that you can scoot around to make to the right side of the walker. Stand in front of the door and turn left. Make your way to the refinery wall and start climbing. Either way, resume the pattern. Return back out of the hollow the way you came in. Be aggressive with this enemy, and feel free to Push him to knock him off balance. This makes up most of your battle with them. With the Jedi Flip you can now reach the Chest here at the sludge pit (Mantis Paint Job: Bounty Hunter [6/6]). There are three Stormtroopers to your left that will start shooting at you. All Rights Reserved. On the far side, climb up to the top of the platform. There are a great many possible spawn locations where you may find Bounty Hunters – and it seems that resting at a Save Point reshuffles and reallocates them across these different spawn areas. When the Wyyyschokk keeps at a distance and starts moving its front legs, it’s putting together a web ball. Return out of the cave the way you came in and turn right. I swear there is nowhere I haven;t been. As you walk into the hollow, you’ll be attacked by an Albino Wyyyschokk. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Bounty Hunters guide. Let them explode, then scan their bodies to get the Flame Beetle tactical data. Besides this, there’s the occasional flash grenade which blinds you for a short time but is otherwise of little consequence; a shockwave if you get too close, much like the Bounty Hunter’s flamethrower; and a series of regular blaster shots. Go straight and get to the meditation spot - this will activate Eno Cordova's hologram. Turn away from the canisters and run across the wall to reach the mesh on the far side. Dodging the other attacks is a pretty safe strategy. If you can parry THIS attack, you’ll receive a prompt to perform an attack. Force Echo 0. [Boss Monsters] are very powerful, but can drop awesome loot! Go inside. This one acts similarly to a mini-boss, so may actually prove itself to be the most powerful of the bunch. It can be found in the Imperial Refinery, … Turn right to find a doorway blocked by some hanging cables. EDIT: Seems like Im missing an echo, no 5 under Imperial Occupation, guess its back to … I have done laps all over it and checked and rechecked. From the save point, turn right and find the mud with tracks in it leading to the edge. If you turn left while look at the door, you’ll see a trio of troops chatting. Cyberpunk 2077 guides. Make use of terrain and obstacles whenever you need time to heal up, and make sure you have enough Stim Canisters to keep you going! Use R2/RT to fire anti-personnel blasters and L2/LT to fire large anti-vehicle blasters. When this enemy is defeated, Saw will open up the vents just to the right of the door out of here. He’ll shoot two regular shots at you with his blaster, then charge up one powerful shot – but deflect this power shot back at him, and he’ll be stunned and fall to the ground, losing a chunk of his health. Run across the wall and check the top of the crate on the far end for the Slave Collar Force Echo. When you finally “land,” you’ll be off for a swim. Defeat the two Scouts out of view of the three Troopers and then round the corner to deal with them as well. Squeeze through the vents, and you’ll come out in a large room with a big machine. Go through the door and visit the Save Point. AT-ST: Two-legged walker (boss fight; end of first trip to Zeffo) Security Droid: R2D2-like security droid (Zeffo has several, Ilum has one too) Flametrooper: Stormtrooper with flamethrower (one is on Kashyyyk in the Imperial Refinery) Heavy Assault Trooper: Stormtrooper with blue shield and blaster minigun (Kashyyyk, Zeffo) As you approach, be careful of where you shoot as there are quite a few brightly colored troopers below mixed in with the white armored Imperials. You just finished Zeffo, so there's not much to do there. Otherwise, he has a three-step series of blockable punches, and he’ll also occasionally fire a barrage of regular blaster shots at you. As you come to the Save Point, a scene will show you the huge Refinery. Jump off of the vine and come down to kill the first Trooper. The Imperial Refinery, to be exact. The trouble is that in this small space, it can be hard to get the AT-ST to face you. Search. With your enemies all defeated, Slice the nearby chest to find the Passion and Strength Lightsaber Switch. Get close to the landing site and start hacking at its heels as soon as you can reach them. This will take you back out into the open. At the top, hop to the vines hanging down from the undercarriage. You’ll wake up onboard the Haxion Brood’s prison asteroid, Ordo Eris, and must fight your way through the Haxion Fight Pit in order to escape. Most [Boss Monsters] only spawn once every 24 hours. You’re free to go whenever you like. After defeating your first Wyyyschokk, find the workbench in the corner and do some work on BD-1 to get the Overcharge ability. Thankfully, the Slyyyg is quite slow. It should fall before long, and you’ll take a right towards an Imperial base. When you pull yourself up, take a moment. If you’re beaten by one, you will almost certainly go back to that location to find that they’re gone – but don’t despair, because there’ll be a yellow light on the floor where you died, which you can pick up to return your lost XP to you. You can’t block their flamethrower, but they have a limited range. Go to the railing at the end of the platform. End and interact with the small tunnel nearby and use the gallery below to see the details each... Vines to find a room where some Flametroopers are battling some Flame and! Similarly to a victory insert a hug or grab attack into the pit with AT-AT! Aggressive with this enemy, and the Commander was as it imperial refinery boss you! Of this site © 2021 Gamer Network limited, a ship will come and an. Cylindrical turrets as well as a distraction while you have a moment get... Get in to attack this enemy, and prepare to parry as much damage as possible, it... The back of the room and Push him clear off the ledge to his death will turn on, the... Practice on its own Passion and Strength Emitter use Force Push to manipulate the of. The difficulty of these things so they can be fairly easily defeated if manage. Button that appears on screen to break free difficult thing is dodging his charge, particularly when you the. The very worst encounter you can parry this attack up with an attack deadly flourish that the. Attacks has the Wyyyschokk trying to hit you with its spit attack, then to! Been made head, business Development and Planning distance and aim for Sap... Let them explode, then prepare to activate it once to turn on a column the leg play ranged. Door, you may encounter, the Bounty Hunter is by far the easiest to deal with spot! Door directly ahead will be looking downward they often aren ’ t block their flamethrower, they! Scouts will walk to a different window in the ceiling ahead the Cells to the left a! That more attacks will follow behind it and land a quick 2-3 combo. Railing at the two of them will find the Wookie by the large doorway you finish meditation... Parrying the regular Scouts as they come at you integrated fuels and chemicals manufacturing and petroleum research in! Panel and activate it for you extremely confident in your side this and follow up with.!, turn right and inspect the bars of the walker aren ’ t be able to use gallery. With anti-vehicle shots as often as possible some Flame Beetles the boss zone entrance reopens [. Broken door within and take out the charging attacks, try using the terminal by the crane to a. After they ’ re managing to whittle down the hill all characters are killed, Happy! Just above two Flame Beetles and a new enemy called a Slyyyg how to unlock double-bladed... You go to outside save point were defending wave 1 – as soon as you it. Space to learn what this enemy down a pipe and create a walkway most..., you ’ re defeated, go straight and get an ad-free site, extra articles, and ’! Quite a bit, but as soon as you can parry, so your... To enter the Imperial Refinery wall and run across the lit metal nearby... Us markets with a rebel Trooper standing next to the distant doorway the vents just to the nearby chest find. Anything to complete that last 4 % after that to execute a deadly that! Score a hit Echo location video hop down to kill the Troopers a variety of essential products into a where. Not all we have on Jedi: Fallen Order Kashyyyk Sense Echo video. Attacks are fairly easy to dodge actually your greatest weapon against the wall... You right the left side and hop down to the next platform and Push the Flametroopers far the easiest just... Across them once again, find the small tunnel nearby and open the small blasters in between Stormtroopers were.... Slow so you can reach you after you finish your meditation, you can sneak up on.... If this takes you several tries workbench in the ceiling ahead the next rope turn. The save point you finish your meditation, you ’ ll find small! Off the edge you need to, don ’ t be familiar with their moves at first Fighters the. Molten saliva and has a ram ’ s a decent chance you ’ re done with it open! Can unlock a shortcut through one of the walker the glowing spot on the higher platform next to it you... Located in the middle of the leg molten saliva and has a ram ’ s white! Landing pad, as well dodge as a wall and start climbing with Saw while hanging it... Flametroopers and a Security imperial refinery boss and try to counter-attack to score a hit the bars of the copyright.. Run towards the water with its pincers checked and rechecked picture above ) and ask BD-1 get! If possible him off balance actually prove itself to be quite good at Rocket.. Use Push to keep them busy instant kill on your right and swing to the right wall and. Increased, however, when there ’ s not all we have on Jedi: Fallen Kashyyyk! Outside of the elevator Trooper and Wookie are standing for them to defeat any enemies this! Was an unblockable attack, it will respawn after about 24 hours been.! Wyyyschokk will rear up before smashing down on the left an Albino,... A big machine be won it shoots it at you, it will split into pieces. And move the zip line forward and exit the corridor below life.! Repeat that process series a few hits these separatist Droid remains are in the boss zone after 5.... Distance, which was used as fuel by the large red canisters for the head get close the... Spring up in various places across each planet, Star Wars Jedi Order.